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 The huts

Several works deal, in a tone just this spirit that we find in our dreams of children and adults.

From early childhood, huts lead us back to our primal instincts. There is also a difference between the size of our dream homes and those in which we normally inhabit. Likewise the hut will be a much smaller place, where from one point, everything can be seen. Perhaps its the need to go back to a simpler way of life where only that which is essential has any importance that ignites our fascination with these little houses.

/32 hut in the wood

Nevertheless it is clear that our inhabitations have improved. Many people live in private housing, and cities no longer produce towers or rows of aparment buildings. However, we continue to wag our fingers at other nuisances: pollution, noisy surroundings, and the race to develop and market products whose lifetimes seem to be ever decreasing. 

Such was born the need for an exclusive and simple place, designed with raw materials: wood, stone, iron and glass.  Despite its small size, the cabin is still above all else: a refuge. It must be associated with nature.

marionette on the window/Details
Garden sheds were the place of escape of a modern world and its hunger for labour. Those near the seafront or used on a practical basis for the family are nowadays a mockery to the real estate and an endless list of other modern conventions.

Now it seems that people are searching for their roots, the "low-tech", or even to downsize, and perhaps the professionals of tomorrow will be able live in remote settings without severing their links to the outside world. The scar left behind from the crisis of our times will take long to heal, and future alternatives will give priority to security and stability because they were of the "crisis generation" or the "AIDS generation" and often from both.

stones cabins /is watching you

Some believe that an existential revolution is still possible. Some have done it. But will it be adopted and sustained longer than the previous ones: it remains to be seen. ML

The life of shacks. Photo stories

On the island of beauty, the photographer Philippe Marini show us a beautiful photos in the form of a contemporary reportage.

It draws a slide that has been projected in 2006 during the festival of wind in Calvi, Corsica. This slide show, with a rhythm, evokes a kind of vision of the lifein the shacks.

jeune femme devant une cabane©marini


The slide show : www.philippemarini.com

Children huts

Initially all the world agree say that the basic cabins, ç'est done for the children. That huts, the memories of camps in the mountains; those afternoons where we did no games or not had serious crayfish, that specific day where we started with the monitor or continue making the hut in a corner kept secret.

36/Children hut in the garden

Of course, from there, the other groups became enemies, the intruder to avoid ... From strange feelings and seized children, as one or braided branches of the fir trees, poles, all well tied.

And a wall, two walls, three walls of vegetation and the front door, are back in them, the needs for shelter, protection, but also probably expanded territory during the 7 and a half million years' existence of man.

a hut quicky made30/ following the plans

And we played partitions of our readings, we invented new laws, or sometimes we transcendions the" informally correct" for a hint of anarchy. We were, even before they have read Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in our adventures, all things considered, because it was important when even retrieve friends and girlfriends in the evening in the dining hall and for the evening.

11/ The cabin of a knight garden

So we can welcome the current craze for adults shacks because it is hoped they will do more to rediscover the joys of youth secret corners and the imagination of the architecture. See major projects like Michael and Alex in the article below. Many perceive that the child's XXI st century is disconnected from the contact with nature.

In Belgium, in 1977, a group of people well aware of the acceleration of our lifestyles had invested a space left free by urbanization. It then becomes urgent for them to reinvent an area of freedom for the children. Land adventures are created in several cities including Liege, which currently offers the Symposium shacks.

"It nails, we saw it cut, it fore, we assemble. From 10 am, since the start of the summer holidays, adventure ground of Péri, -unlikely corner of countryside overlooking the city, near the Citadel - lives to the rhythm of his "Symposium shacks."


What was that? "A somewhat pompous name but that describes an activity to exist in a given place, with the materials found on the spot," says Jean-Paul, convener for six years. "

The field this year is celebrating its thirty years. We are marking the coup in a coup against blood recovery! We note that with all the prefabricated huts made or sold, it robs children that the cabins must be built with the hands and imagination, "says Tihamer Wertz, coordinator." Excerpt from an article Lalibre.be

Indeed, as pointed out above Tihamer Wetz, it is important to keep it simple and creative for small, récup it pleases them as well. Even without space, nothing better than a shack below improvised as to change the color of a day

/ One day hut of melanie


Tree houses

The story of a love shack

A great story and a beautiful tree house is the adventure that tells Alex Michel and during their construction in the woods.

/Alex in the trees

"Where the past meets a father this child with a hyphen for a few pieces of wood"

It is also the story of a construction technique, complex, one can imagine on watercolor perched a bow window. The large number of photos and willingness teaching Alex Michel and can help you to prepare your yard a day or give you the desire to build in the trees.

Some good advice on selecting trees and the different stages of construction.



Shacks on earth

This is a basic reference, as these constructs may lead to the traveller a constant source of amazement by the simplicity, the colors, how they integrate with the environment.

Case African stilt case Creole, hut in South-East Asia, of Tartary yurt, cabin plains of Siberia, and the list is huge and they convey the mystery in our imagination as no less grand.

Scandinavian and North American cabins

The Scandinavian and northern American part of their tradition of the wooden house, their financial means, an attractive environment, and a certain sense of aesthetics can easily win the Award of wood cabins in the northern hemisphere.

 18 /hut on the lake

The influences were very numerous and used for small constructions during the surge of immigrants westward. The Scandinavian country style with its shades of white broken, the frescoes on wooden beds and cupboards embedded in the English style more cosy through styles very individuals who were diverted from as Shaker style.

The Shaker style, often placed in the context of shacks, slice of his hand very sober. It is a concept based on the utilitarian furniture: full of small drawers or wooden planks with long series of coat hooks covering wooden wall intact.

Often declined in two tones: the bluish gray / white or yellow blades. They are designed for storage because the goal is to obtain a space devoid of purpose or personal affairs for the "rest of the spirit". In short, the followers who come from religious communities of origin ensures that English ç'est lifestyles appropriate to the 21 century: a Zen atmosphere. It is difficult to find examples on the net because since this style has been preparing for all the sauces and has undergone many influences marketing. An attempt.

 19 / Stopover freshwater

Cases of the Indian Ocean

The meeting had a real jewel in terms of cases Creoles, and it is true that, apart from some places like L'Entre deux for example, circuses and the south, the attractiveness of real estate income comes to grips with these flowers which are havens the cradle of Réunionnaise identity.

/ créoles shacks

Reunion Island

/hut on Cilaos Circus Indian Ocean

/ Tea with local plant

To continue...


Alternative houses

We will offer you over the months an overview of alternative housing, self buildings.

28/A bathroom

We also try to explain the architectural approaches and the spirit of those builders who do most of filters, if not respect for the environment in their search for their ideal housing.


Sites are also specialized in this area, contact page. For works by Jean Soum who prepare an inventory surprising to see the page "Bibliography". See also the site of Roland Mayern "Inhabiting other".


The yurt

Genghis Khan is continuing its progress in the West. Is it not him who said:


"You have to shave every city, so that the world once again become an immense steppe, where mothers suck Mongolian children free and happy. "

In any case the yurt is pushing on our soil, it is certainly not an invasion, no fears. Go See specialists who can introduce you to this habitat. Yurts are still classified UNESCO world heritage site. On page "rentals"


So the color and patchwork are put in these campaigns or prices barns to retype it also finished by igniting after the majority of former "peace and love" of the world have tripled the price of their cases and, by these actions , private access to housing a number of increasingly important to young and old.


While a generation getting into trees, it would seem that the young nomad invest habitat. That's enough fuel some discussions philosophy and our forum.



In the garden



On the waterfront

On the beach, less acrobats that new generations of fans with acrobatics towels at the waist, the former had made up rows of shacks to be able to change; It should be noted that they disembarked at the beach that much more dressy we

cabanes de plage etats unisWaterfront cabins

By the beach, the shed is also on all coasts in the world, the type of construction practice. This testifies that ç'est a refuge for fishermen first. And that villages are not always constructed near water. Can be attributed precarious buildings on the coast in humid climate, sometimes violent, but also because the sea is first and foremost the ground of pirates.

colored beach huts 35/Colors & beach huts




21/ Camargue

On the  french Mediteranny coast and in Camargue, offers many sites and cabins recent beach city. In Languedoc, the intrusions of looters were frequent and the coast was reserved for sinners huts and watchtowers built in the early 18th siècle.

On preferred to keep the property and also women at the shelter in the land. So traditionally, there are anywhere between ponds and canals that tradition shack. It is good to discover at the end of May along the dunes flowers at the time and languages still deserted beaches and bathed in sunshine.

 camargue cabins     cabins in camargue21/ Petit Rhône

The fisheries and the cabins southwest

The Garonne offer its banks at the mouth of the Gironde a landscape of the fishing huts on stilts, it should not be forgotten that, apart from the floods there is a tidal wave, the Mascaret, which runs through these banks.

28/Extract from the book: Cabanes du Sud ouest

The rectangular supendus arm wired by waiting for the moment where they fall on fish such as Aloses which, from the Spring leaving the salt water back and the estuary and the rivers to spawn and lay eggs in freshwater.

These fisheries are, by their picturesque aspects, increasingly converted into second homes, some fear the end of this traditional fishing. The fish themselves may be less concerned about these changes, unless such tourism brings an increase in water pollution and a lack of maintenance of embankments.

28/ Cabanons d'ostreiculteurs 8/

But other huts await walkers, observers and hunters in this region which offers
Very different landscape: Along the beaches, lakes, mountains ...

28/ In camouflage clothing